Our Chefs will

- Consult about your eating preferences
- Design a custom menu
- Suggest wine pairings, if required
- Shop for the freshest ingredients
- Attend at your home with ingredients & utensils
- Plepare & table-serve dinner to your guests
- Clean the kitchen prior to leaving

Satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed!

H. Thom, Toronto, ON

The highlight of my Chef Experience was…"Not having to do ANYTHING!

Bojan was a delight to have in the house, the food was delicsious, and the wine pairing recommendation were perfect. It’s the first time I have actually been able to relax entirely at a dinner I’m hosting, and enjoy the company of my guests." 10/10

Chef Feedback – Chef Toni

I just came back from doing an "Iron Chef" experience for Marge. It was such a blast. The clients were fantastic. They were so interested in watching and learning & had a fun time. For me, it was a chance to show them what i could do with no boundries – I just checked out their cupboards and the creative juices started flowing. What a high! Sonia, thanks for having faith in my talents – you believed in me before I believed in myself.

Chef Raj

Up to now, I’ve only done dinner parties with The Chef Alliance. Did a cocktail party for 8 last night. What a blast! The prep and service was EASY, so I got to chat with the people at the party while I served. Handed out business cards, and have already gotten 1 email asking about a outdoor party next month. Got any more of these??? :)