What is Chef Experience?

What are Chef Experiences?

With Chef Experiences, we bring the restaurant to you. Expertly created food, in YOUR kitchen and served by our highly skilled staff. You may think that this option is for the rich and famous – in fact it is a realistic alternative to dining out!

ChefExperiences.com will work with you to create a menu tailored to your tastes, and will work within your budget. We are always pleased to offer you suggestions and colourful twists, and will give you the joy of hosting a fabulous event in your home, without any of the stress. Alternatives for vegetarians or guests with food allergies are never a problem. Our Chefs are trained, experiences, professional & courteous.

Chef Experiences are perfect for romantic dinners, family get-togethers or unforgettable moments with friends. Our Chef will …

- Consult about your eating preferences
- Design a custom menu
- Suggest wine pairings, if required
- Shop for the freshest ingredients
- Attend at your home with ingredients & utensils
- Plepare & table-serve dinner to your guests
- Clean the kitchen prior to leaving