What is a personal chef?

A Personal Chef is a chef who prepares meals for a client in the client’s home kitchen, based on their specific needs and personal preferences. A Personal Chef is distinct from a Private Chef, which refers to a Chef who is employed exclusively by one client, and in some cases lives in the client’s home.

Personal Chefs provide a range of services…
-Personalised meal service: these meals are left packaged in containers and refrigerated or frozen for the client to enjoy later.

-Dinner parties: the Chef will take care of the shopping, preparing the meal, serving the guests and cleaning up afterwards. The menu is preplanned and discussed with the client, then prepared in their home.

-Meal planning: for great home cooks who need help to streamline their weekly meals.

-Private Cooking Lessons: Many Personal Chefs also offer personalized cooking lessons in the comfort of thei home.

-Many more – including large event catering, BBQs, cocktail parties…

Personal Chefs come from around the world and have a wide and varied culinary repertoire of techniques & training. Many have worked in restaurants, hotels, catering companies or a combination of them all. Some operate their own Personal Chef businesses and others provide occasional services to complement their full-time work.